Behavioral Based Ad Targeting Now Available for Adwords

After slowly rolling out the beta phase of this feature to sample groups, Google announced today that Interest Categories for the display network are now available to all Adwords advertisers.  This could prove to be a pretty major addition to Adwords, as Display network advertisers are now able to target audiences based on their interests/ web-surfing behavior. How Does It Work?? To make a long story short, Google observes the […]

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land put together an SEO periodic table which outlines specific factors that contribute to a website’s organic rankings.  The table does an excellent job of visually simplifying all of the facets of search engine optimization. Main factors include content, html, architecture, links, social, trust, and a website’s personal attributes like location and history. There are the “On The Page” factors, the things that a […]

Landing Pages: How Effective Are They?

In short… they appear to be very effective for most businesses. As we’ll highlight below, a recent post from the Hubspot Blog illustrates the effectiveness of dedicated landing pages. This data is based on a research study performed by Marketing Sherpa. Wait, What Is a Landing Page? Here’s a basic definition: Landing page – a specific page within a website, other than the homepage, that is usually configured to match […]