3 PPC Mistakes Most Beginners Make (and how to Avoid Them)

Pay-per-Click Mistakes, Pitfalls, and Oversights As a PPC manager going on 7+ years of experience, I’ve encountered a lot of crazy AdWords and PPC advertising mistakes that clients and junior PPC professionals have made.  Mistakes can kill the profitability of any campaign, and sometimes the mistakes are so tragic that advertisers never return to AdWords due to their fear of blowing an ad budget on worthless traffic. Some of the mistakes and oversights […]

Facebook Retargeting (FBX)

Facebook Retargeting, also known as Facebook Exchange Ads or FBX, is becoming more popular with online marketers.  The ad platform is proving to be an effective way to target people who have visited your website by showing ads to those same people when they are on Facebook.  The infographic below provides a nice overview on how FBX works. Infographic by MDG Advertising

AdWords Credit Card

Google is now offering a credit card for AdWords billing.  Its a MasterCard credit card that can only be used for your PPC account, not for any other purchases as stated by Google: The AdWords Business Credit card can only be used with your AdWords account. If you try to use it for purchases outside of AdWords, the card will be declined. On the AdWords credit card signup page, the main […]

Google Analytics Periodic Table

Want to know more about Google Analytics and all of its features and capabilities?  Check out this Periodic Table of Google Analytics by Jeffalytics.com. Courtesy of: Depth of Knowledge by Jeffalytics

8 Ogilvy-isms that Apply to Pay-per-Click

David Ogilvy’s “Confessions of an Advertising Man” was published in 1963, and it’s still considered one of the most popular books on advertising. The book touches on pragmatic topics such as ‘how to get clients’ and ‘how to write potent copy’, but also gives opinion on high-level strategy and philosophy. After recently reading the classic ad book I could easily see how all forms of advertising have common bonds, and […]

Conversion Optimizer

Conversion Optimizer, in my opinion, is often an under-utilized bidding option for AdWords campaigns.  I’ve spoken with many search marketers who are nervous to try out this bidding method due to fear of the unknown.  I’ve often found that campaign CPAs can be reduced, in some cases by 50%, when enabling Conversion Optimizer. Essentially, this bidding method replaces the traditional cost-per-click bid at the keyword level which many pay-per-click advertisers […]

Modified Broad Match & AdWords Editor

Modified Broad Match & AdWords Editor

Modified Broad Match for Google AdWords has been around as a match type option since mid 2010, but I still get questions from time to time on how to quickly implement this specific match type.  For those of you unsure of what modified broad match is, please visit the AdWords Official Blog for a better understanding. In both the AdWords Editor and in the AdWords online interface, we have the […]