How to Track Facebook Conversions

Now that Facebook has killed its conversion tracking features marketers have to take a couple extra steps to make ensure Facebook marketing efforts are measured properly.   For users of Google Analytics this can be done by using the Google URL Builder to create tracking strings for your ads and then setting up goals or custom reports within Google Analytics.

In the example below, is where the traffic will be sent to from Facebook, the campaign is CPC (cost per click), and our campaign is given the name “holiday” so we can differentiate the different Facebook campaigns we may be running.  One the URL is generated, copy and paste as the destination URL when creating your Facebook ads.

To see the incoming campaign traffic in your Google Analytics go to “Traffic Sources > Referring Sites”.  If you want to analyze your Goals a bit further, setup a Custom Report within GA to see Goals by Referring URLs.

google url builder How to Track Facebook Conversions

Google URL Builder

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