Facebook Retargeting (FBX)

Facebook Retargeting, also known as Facebook Exchange Ads or FBX, is becoming more popular with online marketers.  The ad platform is proving to be an effective way to target people who have visited your website by showing ads to those same people when they are on Facebook.  The infographic below provides a nice overview on how FBX works. Infographic by MDG Advertising

How to Track Facebook Conversions

Now that Facebook has killed its conversion tracking features marketers have to take a couple extra steps to make ensure Facebook marketing efforts are measured properly.   For users of Google Analytics this can be done by using the Google URL Builder to create tracking strings for your ads and then setting up goals or custom reports within Google Analytics. In the example below, http://clearpeach.com is where the traffic will […]

Social Media Facts: Facebook

Facebook has grown into the most powerful social network with over 500 million users who each spend, on average, almost an hour on site every day.  In regards to social media sharing, Facebook leads the pack by a wide margin over email and Twitter.