The Impact of Color on Marketing

Considering a website redesign, a new logo, or some new image ads?  The colors that you use could have a significant impact on how your audience behaves, so choose wisely. If you’re goal is to convey trust and loyalty, then go with a nice set of blues.  Trying to create a sense of urgency and raise awareness?  Reds and yellows are the best bet. YELLOW – Optimistic and youthful.  Used […]

Get to Know Adwords: Trademarks

Good PPC managers know that bidding on the branded terms of their competitors can be highly effective.  What keywords you can and can’t bid on or use in ad text has always been kind of murky to advertisers.  Usually it’s left up to the automated Adwords system to disapprove a text ad if it has a trademarked term that gets flagged. Google Adwords has changed their policy over the years, […]

Social Media Facts: Facebook

Facebook has grown into the most powerful social network with over 500 million users who each spend, on average, almost an hour on site every day.  In regards to social media sharing, Facebook leads the pack by a wide margin over email and Twitter.

Tips to Boost E-Commerce Checkout Rates

Increasing your website’s shopping cart conversion rate can have a big impact for your bottom line. For many e-retailers a few simple tweaks to the checkout process can dramatically reduce shopping cart abandonment. It’s challenging enough to get a qualified shopper to your website; the last thing you want to do is lose the customer at checkout because your process is either too long, distracting, inquisitive, or all of the […]

Just How Big and Busy is the Internet?

If you’ve ever wondered how big the Internet really is then this should help put things in perspective. Pretty incredible that more emails are sent out in a single day than letters sent by the US Post Office in a whole entire year. You’re also currently reading one in a whopping 900,000 blog posts that were published today. Created by Online Education