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Every now and then a client will ask us for tips on projects they are working on not related to our services. Our most recent request was regarding a Tumblr account. Instead of writing a long email on things you could do, we decided to write a post on things we usually do when we get our hands on a Tumblr (blog). Enjoy!

like-reshare1. Like Related Tumblr Posts – This use to be a Tumblr secret (until someone let the cat out the bag). If the Tumblr blog you are using is the primary blog of your Tumblr login, your default username will link to your primary blog when you like other posts, thus giving you a (nofollow) link from other Tumblrs. For instance, if you find another relevant Tumblr post you like, click on the heart symbol in the top right of the post. When you refresh the page, you will be able to scroll to bottom of post and see that you/your site liked the post and that your username links back to you Tumblr site.

RECOMMENDATION: Search Google for + your target keyword phrase and like the top 10-50 posts (SECRET #1: You could also do an advanced search to include all custom domain Tumblrs “powered by tumblr”)

2. Comment on Related Posts – This is almost identical to #2. However,  instead of liking a post comment (something useful) on it.

RECOMMENDATION: Out of those 10-50 posts you like, comment on some. (SECRET #2: Here’s a chance to comment LSI/contextual content to count as surrounding link content)

3. Re-share Super Awesome Posts (& SECRET #2) – If you ever stumble across a post you think is awesome, re-share it on your Tumblr site. Unlike Facebook, if you re-share the post (correctly), when others come across it and think it’s awesome enough to share as well, it’d show up in their site and give you the credit/link. Sly, but it isn’t your fault. (We can probably expect this (glitch) to be fixed in the near future).

custom-domain-settings4. Custom Domain – This probably should have been Tip #1, however the tips above are still more effective. Tumblr gives you the option to turn your into All you have to do is change your DNS settings in your hosting account. This may help with the total linking domains factor for links pointing back to your money site. (SECRET #3) However,  it will still have the same IP as all other Tumblrs. So it will NOT help with total linking IP addresses, which seems to be taking more precedence than total linking domains (and of course total linking pages).

RECOMMENDATION: Do it. How-to Here

follow-blogs5. Follow Relevant Tumblrs Start following related Tumblrs so when you sign into Tumblr you can see what others in your niche are posting. This gives you the chance to be one of the first to like, comment or share topics related to your money site. SECRET #4 – You can follow keyword tags too, to be the first to like, comment or share post specifically tagged what you are targeting.

RECOMMENDATION: Pick 5-10 Tumblrs you want to follow, ideally ones with target keywords in Tumblr names. Also, follow your top 5-10 target keywords.

6. Respond to Comments  Responding to comments is an universal blogging rule. You’ll be surprised how much a difference it makes when you respond to those who comment.

RECOMMENDATION: When someone comments on you blog, respond. Simple as that.

7. About Page – Create an awesome about page. Stats show that the about page is the 2nd most visited page (after the homepage). So turn that stat into an opportunity to brag, sell, encourage, shine or whatever you like or think will help your Tumblr get followed, liked or send visits to your money site.

google-tumblr-seo8. Post Good Content – Every once in a while, instead of posting all of your good content to your money site’s blog or as guest posts to other blogs, post it to your Tumblr and share that post in social networks. This will help make your Tumblr a legit blog instead of just another Tumblr. SECRET #5 – if you every need to something to write about, search your target keyword in Google, scroll to bottom of results page and look at Google’s suggested searches. Write about them. They are usually longer tailed terms that your Tumblr could rank for a little easier than for your top target term.


9. Tag Like Crazy – We’re seeing tags and hash tags almost everywhere we turn, nowadays. For every post you write in Tumblr, make sure you add a healthy amount of post tags. This will help your post show up in more searched within Tumblr and possibly on more walls, for those following specific terms. SECRET #6 – Each tag has it’s own page in Tumblr, and these pages have the potential to rank for various (non-competitive phrases).

RECOMMENDATION: Provide at least 5-10 tags per post you write.

10. Ask Questions – Tumblr has this cool feature that allows you to ask questions as a post and give others that stumble across your blog a chance to answer. When others answers, you get the response and their responses will sometimes post to their wall or blog (depending on their settings). Just a cool tool to interact with your readers. Also a good chance to ask things you are really curious about or for tips to help your business be a better business to its customers.

RECOMMENDATION: Ask a question every 1-3 months.

11. Interlink Posts – Reference/link to other posts within your own Tumblr whenever you get a chance or see fit to do so. This will help with internal linking factors, increase total pages visited and help make your Tumblr become more like a website or blog.

That’s it for now…

Do you have any tips you think should be added to this list??? Please comment below. We’d really like to make this a comprehensive list of everything you can do with a Tumblr (blog).

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