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Managing a website can be overwhelming.  You need a Content Management System (CMS) that can organize all those ones and zeros into something that you can work with.  WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging tool, but since then has grown into the world’s most popular CMS platform, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.  There are endless benefits to using WordPress, but we’re going to boil it down to 10 that we think are paramount.  


  1. It’s Easy

With its intuitive interface and well organized backend, WordPress is very easy to use, so you can control the content without having to wait for a web developer.  Never made changes on a website before?  Not a problem.   Adding new pages, images, blog posts, etc. are all simple and won’t take a lot of time.  No HTML coding or FTP software required.


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  1. You Can Manage Your WordPress Site from Anywhere

WordPress is a browser-based Content Management System, which means you can login and make changes from any internet-connected computer and make changes.  Great for the on-the-move small business owner.


  1. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Search engines love WordPress.  It’s simple enough to be easily indexed by Google and other search engines, yet powerful enough to handle the needs of nearly any business owner.  As long as you are creating original, unique content, your website has a chance to rank highly with the major search engines.


  1. It’s Affordable

Because WordPress is simple and easy to use, the cost of cost of building and maintaining a WP site is much lower than expensive,costly code-intensive websites, making it perfect for small to medium- sized business owners.


  1. WordPress is Powerful

From the simplest of blog sites to extensive online stores with secure checkout systems, WordPress can do it all.  Blog functionality is included in every WP site, so you can easily add posts and new content.  Want event calendars, job listings, signup forms, social media integration, discussion forums, portfolios, video galleries, or virtually anything else?  WordPress can do it.


  1.  It Can Be Beautiful on Any Device

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  These days, it’s also in your customer’scustomers hands.  Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and you want your customers to have a great user experience regardless of whether they are on mobile, tablet, desktop, or the computer at your gGrandma’s house that looks like the one from the 90’s smash hit Sandra Bullock movie The Net.  WordPress can do it.


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  1. Integrating With Social Media is Easy

Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage your audience these days, and your WordPress site can work together with any major social platform.  This includes everything from  lLive streams, post shares, on and page likes., and the rest.  Be heard!


  1. WordPress is 100% Customizable

If your website waswere a car, WP would be the engine.  The feel, design, and aesthetics can all be customized to make your brand shine, and most importantly, give your visitors the user experience they came looking for.


  1. Your WordPress Site Can Grow Along with Your Business

Many small business owners’ websites are a hassle to update, and it doesn’t take long before they become stale and visitors start to become disinterested.  Because WP is easy to use and changes can be made quicklyyou can quickly make changes yourself, you’ll be less likely to let time (and customers) slip away because your business has outgrown your website.


  1. You’re Not Alone

The WordPress community is thriving and growing.  There are literally thousands and thousands of developers, designers, and enthusiasts out there to help you if you get stuck.  You’re usually only one Google search away from an answer.


There are many, many more reasons why WordPress websites are the perfect fit for small to medium-size businesses.  If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact us here.  We’re always excited to discuss the possibilities of WordPress design.


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