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If you read any other SEO blogs or keep your ear to the “SEO-street”, it may be no surprise to you that Google just rolled out another algorithm update. The update has been called Panda 4.0 by Google’s head of spam team, Matt Cutts. But some have speculated it as Panda 4.0 AND Payday Loans 2.0 Updates.

mattcutts penalty

The nice thing about this update is that it’s just an update. Updates are usually bug fixes, tweaks, additions and/or removals to software. If you’ve been listening to Matt Cutts over the years, this algorithm update is no surprise. And if you’ve been following Google’s new rules over the years, this is great news, because all of your efforts are finally starting to manifest over spammy sites that were still getting away with techniques that Google shuns against. With that being said, here are 4 things you need to know regarding Google’s recent algorithm update(s).

1) Panda 4.0:  Biggest Update Yet

This recent update is the biggest algorithmic update to date, affecting roughly 8% of all search queries. 8% is a lot, considering page one of Google only contains 10 ranking sites among millions of competitors. The sites that got hit the hardest are major million+ page sites such as Amazon and eBay with expired products, unnecessarily indexed search result pages, massive amounts of auto-generated pages, etc. This is good news for the little guys.

2) Still in Progress

Google has many data centers across the globe and for various reasons they choose to roll out their updates via one data center at a time. So it is still possible for some niches or for some locations to not have experienced this hit, yet. So if this penalty looks like nothing now, just wait (or hurry up and clean up, before mamma Panda comes homes).


3) Penalty Assessment

If you don’t know if your website has been affected by a recent update or by something else you’ve been doing (or stopped doing), maybe you need to examine your website and marketing efforts. If your website just experienced an organic traffic lost, it could be because of a penalty. Clear Peach provides extensive audits and penalty assessment services so that you can recovery ASAP.

4) Penalty Prevention

If some of your marketing techniques are questionable or if you’ve implemented strategies that you wouldn’t share publicly on FaceBook/Twitter/Google+ or with Google, chances are you’re going to get hit, either by the end of this update or by Panda 5.0, 6.0, 7.0.. or by a Penguin or Humming bird or some other random animal. Consider a penalty prevention audit to identify any questionable website issues or backlinks. Or, even better consider hiring a cutting-edge SEO company that will provide you with services that will give you the peace of mind that everything is A-okay, today and in the future.

Clear Peach Penalty Recovery & Prevention Services

The team at Clear Peach takes these updates and penalties seriously and truly believe that they must be addressed immediately. We also look forward to these updates because we only practice white-hat techniques that usually gives us jumps in traffic (and above the cheaters) when new updates roll out. If you happen to be looking for a team of search experts seeking to do your website right, consider Clear Peach 🙂


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