While creating a new Facebook Ad campaign this week, I thought it would be helpful to create a quick post highlighting some of the steps and processes that we’ve found to be useful in the past.  Each client and campaign is different, but here’s quick list of five things that we generally focus on. 


1) Using the Custom Audience Tool

Creating a custom audience allows you to target individuals with whom you already have an established relationship.  You can create this custom audience based on several key identifiers (name, email address, etc).  Whether you have a customer list or a list of prospects, you can quickly upload this list into your power editor, create a unique name, and then utilize that list for additional campaigns going forward.  We use this list in addition to recommended demographics.




2) Disabling the Mobile News Feed Option

Tracking impression statistics can be tricky while displaying ads on both mobile and desktop formats.  We’ve found that the majority of impressions will come from mobile, however, actionable impressions are best received on desktop, because users are more likely to take the time to fill out information.  By either disabling the mobile news feed option, or creating separate campaigns designed specifically for mobile news feed placement, you’ll have better reporting and a more accurate understanding of the success of your campaigns.




3) Enabling Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to identify website conversions via a unique tracking pixel.  This is especially useful for campaigns designed to drive website traffic.  The default setting for pixel tracking is ‘off’ and it’s easy to overlook.



4) Optimizing CPM

Advertisers have the option to allow Facebook to automatically bid you’re their behalf while remaining within a predetermined campaign budget.  The system is designed to capture the highest-value impressions per your campaign goal.  Typically, this can increase ROI and deliver more actions.  Visit our services page to learn more about pay-per-click advertising.



5) Utilizing Multiple Objectives

Create multiple campaign objectives to drive traffic to web and Facebook pages.  Different calls-to-action with similar creative will perform better according to objective than others.  Utilizing several objectives with similar targeting and ad creative will help to uncover where your best opportunities to reach potentials customers may exist.



For more information, check out our Facebook advertising page.



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