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Local Keywords Generator – This tool is great if you are looking to increase your list of local keywords.

It’s one of the simplest tools ever. All you have to do is punch in your zip code, radius and a list of keywords, and it automatically generates 100’s of 1,000’s of local keywords based on your zip code. It can include;

  • Cities
  • Cities + State Abbreviations
  • Cities + State Names in Results
  • Zip Codes in Results
  • “Location Keyword” & “Keyword Location” in Results
  • All USA State Names in Location
  • All USA State Abbreviations in Locations

Plus so much more. Just give it a try.

Google Preview Tool – This tool is to test out and see how your Google AdWords’ ads appear in other locations and to other users online. KeywordTool provided by Google.

SEM Rush Keyword Tool – This tool helps you determine the value of a term as well as how many other websites are bidding on it, which sites are ranking naturally for that term, along with some other keyword suggestions. Great overviews, charts and reports for anyone interested in uncovering deep, deep secrets about their competition and keywords they are targeting.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – The best place for keyword suggestions; provided by Google themselves. Google tells you exactly (really estimates) how many users search various keywords on their search engine every month. A very valuable source for anyone looking for the best keywords that send traffic and to spend money on.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Typo Generator – Every once in a while a user will accidentally misspell the keyword they are searching. Make sure your ad shows up even then with this tool. Just enter a keyword and captcha and SEOChat will automatically generate a list of typos. Copy those terms and paste them into your pay-per-click account and viola, cheaper and less competitive terms.

Keyword Typo Generator Tool

Keyword Lizard’s Keyword Combiner – Another keyword generator tool. But this one combines terms. Turns 10 terms into 40 phrases instantly. This tool is a pay-per-click manager’s dream. It makes creating a list of keywords almost too easy. A MUST for any PPC specialist.

Keyword Lizard

Hungry for more tools? Check out SEO Book’s PPC Tools Page or SEO by the Hour’s SEO Tools Page.

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