Utilizing AdWord’s extensions is a simple and surprisingly effective means of boosting everything from your ad’s quality score to click-through-rate, as well as gain a competitive advantage against other ads.

Google allows marketers to add both manual and automated extensions, allowing you to include everything from locations and phone numbers to seller and consumer ratings right within your ad.  Additionally, the extensions allow more space for ad copy, which can be critical in the battle for elbow room in the top positions.  Google categorizes extensions into two groups, manual and automated:

Manual Extensions:

  • Apps
  • Calls
  • Locations
  • Reviews
  • Sitelinks
  • Callouts

Automated Extensions:

  • Consumer Ratings
  • Previous Visits
  • Seller ratings
  • Dynamic Sitelinks Extensions
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets

Here’s a short list of ideas you can implement to help get the most out of AdWords extensions:


1) Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks allow you to link to different pages other than landing pages.  This allows you to direct users to different pages on your site with simple text and descriptive copy. It also allows you to highlight particular aspects of your business, like a list of services.



2) Call Extensions

Call extensions allow potential customers to call directly from your ad on mobile devices.  Besides the obvious benefit of having potential customers reach you directly from your ad, Google also tracks calls over a certain length and reports them as conversions.



3) Seller Ratings

Seller ratings add credibility and authority to businesses as well as provide a great visual selling tool.  AdWords seller ratings are culled from reputable third-party websites that aggregate business reviews.


4) Locations

For businesses with multiple locations, adding  locations extensions allows individuals to click your ad and get directions or call the phone number you’ve provided.  Ads can also be geotargeted around your business to provide the most relevant contact information



5) Callouts

Callout extensions allow you to highlight detailed information about products, services, or time-specific offers or events below your ad text.



Utilizing AdWords extensions is a simple way to provide more detailed business information and boost Pay Per Click campaigns to help potential customers connect more quickly and easily.  Also, extensions can be attached to existing ads so that time-sensitive or temporary offers or information can be included without having to edit the text ads. 

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