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sales phoneLead management software company Leads 360 takes a deep look into the calling behavior of sales professionals in a recent study which analyzed over 15 million sales leads. It comes as no surprise that statistics indicate the more calls made to a lead the better the odds of closing the sale. What’s interesting about the study, though, is that Leads360 identifies six as the magic number of calls a sales person should make before giving up on a lead.

The study also reveals that 50% of leads are contacted just one time, which is the most disappointing statistic of all realizing that many sales professionals allow costly leads to simply dry up. If a sales agent decides to call the lead twice then the chances for success rise by 87%. Many decision makers keep busy schedules and chances are that when they are contacted by a sales rep they can’t take the call. There’s usually something more pressing and a higher priority than taking a call from a sales person. The sales person is then sent to voicemail and leaves an unmemorable message. Getting a hold of busy people is not easy, but simply re-calling the lead six times raises contact percentage to a whopping 93%, a drastic improvement from the 39% chance of contact with just one attempt. Only 60% of sales professionals are thorough enough to contact their leads six times.

They say you can’t improve what you can’t measure so the first step to improving sales is to track the number of sales calls placed by utilizing a CRM. When a sales manager knows how a lead has been worked then a more accurate ROI for the lead source can be calculated. At least now a concrete number exists for which a sales person should hit before going to their CRM and marking the lead: Closed Lost.

The cliché of sales being a “numbers game” proves to be true and it goes to show that persistence does pay off in the game of sales.

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