7 Strategies to Boost Text Ads

  Composing text ads in AdWords is easy. Composing good text ads in AdWords is not.    Creating compelling text ads means cramming psychology, copywriting, and advertising into 3 lines [...]

Avoid These 7 AdWords Mistakes

  Fundamentally, AdWords is an exercise in knowing who your potential customers are and what they might want, and best utilizing your available resources in order to connect with them. [...]

Stop Making These 8 Copywriting Mistakes

1) “How To Get An A In Writing And Also English” One out of every three blogs and site headlines I see capitalizes every letter of the headline.  It’s wrong and it looks bad. 2) Tired of [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

Website is Not Mobile Friendly Having a website that incorporates responsive design is a must these days. Google flat-out stated in February 2015 that they will consider penalizing sites that are [...]

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