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In short… they appear to be very effective for most businesses. As we’ll highlight below, a recent post from the Hubspot Blog illustrates the effectiveness of dedicated landing pages. This data is based on a research study performed by Marketing Sherpa.

Wait, What Is a Landing Page?

Here’s a basic definition:

Landing page – a specific page within a website, other than the homepage, that is usually configured to match its content or product offering with a user’s specific search. Landing pages are typically associated with paid ads. They are the pages a user ‘lands on’ after clicking a particular ad (or search result).

For example:

If you search in Google for hiking shoes and you click on the ad for, you will be taken to a landing page dedicated specifically to hiking shoes… As illustrated below…


Notice this page is specific to hiking shoes. As we’ll see below, this is much more effective than simply directing users to the REI homepage and forcing them to navigate on their own.

* side note: Depending on the type of business, marketers/business owners might want to incorporate a ‘lead form’ on their dedicated landing pages. This is a good way to capture visitor information.  Obviously, this is usually not necessary for ecommerce sites.


Back to the Study: The Results

In it’s 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, Marketing Sherpa reveals how important it is to have dedicated landing pages.


This pie chart is based on data from 2,673 marketers. According to the study, it’s clear as to why websites must incorporate dedicated landing pages in their online marketing efforts.


Furthermore, the graph below indicates the effectives of landing pages that are specifically driven by paid search or context ads.


As you can see 96% of the study participants claim the dedicated landing pages to by either very effective or somewhat effective. Not too shabby.


Landing Page Optimization

Of course, having landing pages is only half the battle. As with just about anything else involving online marketing, there are best practices to optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions.


For help with this, feel free to contact Clear Peach Marketing!


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