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Clear Peach Marketing also specializes in real estate advertising and marketing services for real estate agents and financial representatives. We can help your brand go global or help you dominate your local area with real estate marketing techniques bound to give your company ultimate awareness. We provide on and offline advertising services for real estate related websites including;


  • Website & Blog Design & Development
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Banner Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization & Networking
  • Press Releasing
  • Analytics & Visitor Tracking
  • Link Building & Site Recognition
  • Lead Generation
  • Local Business Listings


  • Newspaper Advertising & Placement
  • Radio Ad Creation & Placement
  • TV Commercial Spotting
  • Car Navigation System Placement
  • Yellow Page Discounting
  • Call Tracking & Telemarketing
  • Local Magazine Placement
  • Event Sponsoring

This is a just a list of services we’ve performed in the past and that we’re successful at. Expect this list to grow as we take on new clients and try new ideas. We are open to providing any service you may need or can even imagine! Our real estate clients love our services. Here are some testimonials proving our real estate agent marketing skills.

“I heeded Clear Peach SEM’s advice on changes I needed to make to my web site. Within months I was getting calls from people who have found me on the internet. I recommend them to any real estate agent around.”

“I cannot begin to adequately express how much has done for me. Let’s just say I needed to hire assistance to help me take on my new clients.”

“Despite the changes in the real estate economy I was still able to reach the searchers that are still looking. Surprisingly, there are still people looking.”

“Traffic to my site increased 10 fold. Phones calls are increasing and my monthly newsletter subscriber list is the largest it’s ever been.”

“Clear Peach, I just wanted to let you guys know that in the past, my company was nowhere close to being a success. Even though we know what we are doing and are good at we do, we just couldn’t get people to notice us. Now I just watch leads roll in and answer the phones. Thanks for the customers and all the help you provided.”

“All I wanted was for a way to brand my new name. I didn’t know hiring could actually jumpstart my business with leads that give me a very promising future.”

“I wasn’t surprised with how great you performed your services because of who recommended you to me. But I was very pleased with your communication, the way you explained things and how you guys were able to meet our demanding deadlines.”

“If I could only recommend one marketing company to help a business get more business, it’d be you guys for sure.”

“This is what I needed. An ad agency that specializes in real estate marketing. Not to mention, I’m extremely satisfied with your advertising services.”

“I’m impressed”

“First the bus ad, then the top of Google, now banners on every Florida and real estate related site. What more can I ask for?”

“I just wanted to write you to let you know how impressed I have been with your marketing services. While signed with I’ve experienced a consistent, and productive conversion ratio in regards to potential clients finding my website. You guys know the real estate industry! THANK YOU!!

“I’ve tried other companies before and I must admit nobody knows how to get your name out there like you You delivered real visitors that resulted in real profits. Take it from me, the results are real. Thanks for everything!”

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