1) “How To Get An A In Writing And Also English”

One out of every three blogs and site headlines I see capitalizes every letter of the headline.  It’s wrong and it looks bad.

2) Tired of Diarrhea?

Yes. Obviously.  Luckily your text ad and the 3 below it asked me, too.   

3) 89% Off Through March

Two things:

  • How do I know that this is a deal when I have no cost or value to compare it to?
  • How good can anything really be that is offered at 89% off?

4) Testimonials Where Lives are Literally Saved

Phony testimonials are copywriting quicksand. Low-hanging, over-dramaticized cliches sink any sense of credibility you’re page has earned.

  • “Literally changed my life”
  • “But then I found..”
  • “Thanks X Company!”

5) Too Much Writing

Text-heavy pages with not bullets, highlighting, or an unclear eye path for visitors are a sure way to generate bounces.  


Ads that lead with “free offer” “free trial” “try now for free” without first communicating the value of the product and invoking the need of the customer just sound like a scam.  

Nothing gets me to bounce faster than clicking a link or ad and being taken to a landing page that shoves a FREE TRIAL OFFER popup in my face off the rip.

7) Studies Have Shown

If you want me to believe that studies have shown that coconut water reduces anxiety in cats, then put a citation or a link.  Instead, say something like “A recent study conducted by..”, then show me the result.


Why do people write this?  Much, much more what?  If there are more things, then tell me what they are.  
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