8 Ogilvy-isms that Apply to Pay-per-Click

David Ogilvy’s “Confessions of an Advertising Man” was published in 1963, and it’s still considered one of the most popular books on advertising. The book touches on pragmatic topics such as ‘how [...]

The Impact of Color on Marketing

Considering a website redesign, a new logo, or some new image ads?  The colors that you use could have a significant impact on how your audience behaves, so choose wisely. If you’re goal is [...]

Submit to Google Places

If you’re not already taking advantage of Google’s Local Business Center Google Places for your clients, you should be. Your competitors are already there; plus it’s free. Not [...]

Just How Big and Busy is the Internet?

If you’ve ever wondered how big the Internet really is then this should help put things in perspective. Pretty incredible that more emails are sent out in a single day than letters sent by [...]