5 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

Website is Not Mobile Friendly Having a website that incorporates responsive design is a must these days. Google flat-out stated in February 2015 that they will consider penalizing sites that are [...]

AdWords Credit Card

Google is now offering a credit card for AdWords billing.  Its a MasterCard credit card that can only be used for your PPC account, not for any other purchases as stated by Google: The AdWords [...]

Conversion Optimizer

Conversion Optimizer, in my opinion, is often an under-utilized bidding option for AdWords campaigns.  I’ve spoken with many search marketers who are nervous to try out this bidding method [...]

8 Quick Tips for AdWords Success

1. Keyword Selection: Only bid on keywords that are highly relevant to your product or service.  This might be obvious, but as a PPC agency taking over management of existing AdWords accounts for [...]

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