Landing Pages: How Effective Are They?

In short… they appear to be very effective for most businesses. As we’ll highlight below, a recent post from the Hubspot Blog illustrates the effectiveness of dedicated landing pages. This [...]

The Impact of Color on Marketing

Considering a website redesign, a new logo, or some new image ads?  The colors that you use could have a significant impact on how your audience behaves, so choose wisely. If you’re goal is [...]

Social Media Facts: Facebook

Facebook has grown into the most powerful social network with over 500 million users who each spend, on average, almost an hour on site every day.  In regards to social media sharing, Facebook [...]

Work Faster in Adwords

Google recently added a new feature to Adwords that allows pay per click managers to view account data more quickly. This is done through browser local storage, but you will need to enable Google [...]