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Considering a website redesign, a new logo, or some new image ads?  The colors that you use could have a significant impact on how your audience behaves, so choose wisely.

If you’re goal is to convey trust and loyalty, then go with a nice set of blues.  Trying to create a sense of urgency and raise awareness?  Reds and yellows are the best bet.

YELLOW – Optimistic and youthful.  Used to grab attention of window shoppers.

RED – Associated with energy.  Increases heart rate and sense of urgency.  Used in clearance sales.

BLUE – Conveys trust and security.  Often used by banks and businesses.

GREEN – Associated with wealth, and is also the easiest color for the human teye to process.

ORANGE – Creates a call to action, e.g. form fill, subscribe, or purchase.

PINK – Used to market feminine products. Romantic and femininie.

PURPLE – Soothes and calms.  Seen in many beauty products.  Can also evoke royalty.

BLACK – Great for luxury products.  Sleek and powerful.

Once you choose your color utilize the Color Scheme Designer to produce stunning marketing!

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