Google Analytics is  a great tool to assess and improve your pay-per-click campaigns. Simply sync your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts with each other to analyze how your paid search traffic compares to other traffic sources or see how your landing pages are converting.

For some reason though, Google Analytics does not have a canned report that shows keywords and traffic sources with their respective conversion data.  This is where custom reports come in to play. Three time saving PPC reports that we like to use as a pay-per-click management agency are:  “Goals by Traffic Source”,  “PPC Keywords”, and “AdWords Campaigns”.  You can download

1.  Goals by Traffic Source provides a nice and clean top-level view of which traffic sources are bringing in conversions.  We have it set to show Goal Completions, Goal Conversion Rate, Visits, Avg. Visit Duration, Cost, and Cost per Goal.

To add this report to your Google Analytics profile, click here: Goals by Traffic Source

Analytics goals by traffic source

2.  PPC Keywords provides insight to performance at the keyword level and displays: Keywords, Ad Group, Visits, CPC, Goal Completions, and Cost per Conversion. Add Report to your profile: PPC Keywords Report

ppc custom report google analytics

3.  If you like to see your data at the campaign level, then we have a treat for you.  Custom Report: AdWords Campaigns. This report is nice because there’s a few layers built into it so you can quickly click on tabs in the report to view ecommerce performance, site usage, and goal completion data. Click to add: AdWords Campaign Custom Report

We hope you find these reports as helpful as we do, and if you have a custom report that works well with PPC analysis, send us a link to it and we’ll add it to the list.

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