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Increasing your website’s shopping cart conversion rate can have a big impact for your bottom line. For many e-retailers a few simple tweaks to the checkout process can dramatically reduce shopping cart abandonment. It’s challenging enough to get a qualified shopper to your website; the last thing you want to do is lose the customer at checkout because your process is either too long, distracting, inquisitive, or all of the above.

Items to consider when optimizing your checkout conversion rate:

No Passwords – Don’t force your customer to create a username and password. Wait to market to them after they are an actual customer. There’s nothing more annoying as shopper than having to create login credentials you won’t need again.

Provide Guidance – Let the visitor know how many more steps there are specifically what they need to do next to complete the transaction. Bread crumb navigation can help, but showing “step 1 of 3” is most helpful.

ecommerce checkout steps

Coupon Codes – The field to input the code should be easy to find. The discount to be displayed should be shown before any credit card information is required. Knowing 100% that your coupon is being applied to your purchase gives confidence.

promo code input

Credibility & Security – A good checkout process identifies itself as safe and secure. Display credibility icons like the BBB and McAfee Secure Website so people trust that you are not a scam and their credit card or identity won’t get stolen.

security badges - credibility icons

Shipping Options – Make it easy to configure shipping costs. Include functionality to dynamically calculate weight and pricing for the customer’s destination. Free Shipping is a great incentive offer which will undoubtedly lift conversion. If you’ve determined your business can afford to offer it after a thorough analysis then do so.

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