It’s hard enough to drive qualified potential customers to your site, let alone have an optimized landing page and clear sales path to guide them to checkout once they’ve arrived.


Marketers are constantly searching for ways to reach out to – and stay in touch – with new potential customers – and be there when they are ready to make a buying decision.

One of the most effective strategies to address a multitude of these challenges is an emphasis on Gmail advertising.  Gmail ads allow marketers to reach potential customers within their inbox, often when individuals are receiving, requesting, or reading about pertinent relative information.  A few things to highlight about Gmail advertising:

Competitive Targeting:

Gmail ads allow marketers to target competitive keywords and domain names.  This allows your ads to be there with a strong call to action or too-good-to-refuse offer.  Additionally, marketers can highlight their competitive advantage right within the ads, highlighting their benefits while potential customers are reading about a product or service.


Again, it’s hard enough to drive business to a website, so why not take your ads directly to potential customers whom you know have expressed an interest in your service?  Retargeting directly within a trustworthy medium like Gmail enables potential customers to navigate to your site from an application which is frequently visited throughout the day, which means you are more likely to reach them when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Higher CTR/Lower CPC:

A client for whom we ran Gmail ads observed a 17% CTR (compared to an average .05% for display ads) within the first ad group, and the ad received over three times the clicks of other ads in the display campaign.  Additionally, the Gmail ad campaign had significantly lower CPC than the ads in a all other campaigns.  

In consideration of the competitive and retargeting abilities, and the quality of the CTR and lower CPC, Gmail ads are undoubtedly and extremely effective method of reaching new potential customers.

Find out Clear Peach can help your business connect with potentital customers through targeted Gmail Display adverstising. 

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